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With flexible rental period and quick rental 


The deposit and rent are determined in advance, there are no unexpected expenses.


You’re better off renting the machine because you don’t have to buy the machine and you can account for the rent as an expense.


We cover the insurance and service costs of our well-maintained machines.


We offer the possibility of renting a machine based on a daily fee, a weekly fee or even a monthly fee, and we even provide a machine operator.


Our rental machine system and our expert staff are at your service in connection with the rental of machines.


Our rental machines can be taken away almost immediately. During the rental period, our staff and service will provide you with a secure background.


Below are some important things and responsibilities when it comes to renting machines. This description is not exhaustive and is for information only. In any case, it is important to read the machine rental agreement carefully.

- In all cases, a report is drawn up on the machine upon handover. The handover protocol includes the technical condition of the rented machine and the operating hours and fuel level.
- Expenses related to the maintenance of the leased machine, diesel and possibly AdBlue costs during the rental relationship must be provided and paid by the Lessee.
- The cost of daily maintenance is borne by the Lessee. An exception is the cost of services required by the manufacturer during the rental period.
- It is important that the due date of the mandatory service specified by the manufacturer in the handover protocol must be indicated in writing to the Lessor's e-mail address
- On request, we also maintain the rented machines, and if necessary, we also provide the materials necessary for the daily maintenance and operation of the machine, eg lubricating oil, grease, etc. Of course, all this for a fee.
- In the event of a malfunction of the machine, only DM-KER Plc. Is entitled to carry out or carry out the repair.
- An undertaking must be made that the Lessee maintains the technical and aesthetic condition of the leased machine for the entire period of the lease.
- The machine may only be operated by a person with a qualification, driving license and expertise, for whom, of course, the Lessee assumes responsibility.
- The rental machines have GPS equipment. The Lessee also agrees that the installation and repair work related to the GPS equipment shall be performed by the Lessor or another contractor.
- During the rental period, when the machine is not working (beyond working hours), the machine must be stored in a safe, closed or guarded place.
- We have property insurance for the rented machine (s). This insurance does not cover if the Lessee's personnel act negligently or use the machine improperly.
- Upon termination of the lease, the machine (s) must be returned in the same manner as the acceptance, ie in the technical and aesthetic condition specified in the handover report, in a manner suitable for the intended use.


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